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General Questions

Yes, a Demo license is available for 3 Days. Both for DPD and GLS. You can find a free license here.

No, only one plugin per domain. For more options, please check our Pricing page.

Of course! Just send us an email, and we will reactivate the license on another domain.

Yes, but it is mandatory to include your client at least in the cc of the initial email so that we get their approval.

We accept Credit Cards by using Stripe as our Payment Gateway.

The plugins will work for free only for 72h. To continue using them after that, you need to purchase a license.

Functionality Questions

Yes, go to Woocommerce -> Orders. Select the orders you want to print (mark the checkboxes). Click on the Bulk Actions dropdown and select GLS Print.

Yes, after you print the label, GLS / DPD API service sends a Tracking number. The number can be found under the Customer Single Order.

Currently this functionally works for Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Romania. Other countries will be included with time as well, as it is an custom API development issue.

You will see a green icon under the lists of orders. This means that this order is processed and the label printed.

The GLS plugin works in: Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Austria.

The DPD plugin works in: Croatia and Slovenia.

If this happens, please email us and we'll create you a custom test license key.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > GLS Parcel Shop > Enable to activate the PSD (Parcel Locker and Parcel Store/Shop feature). Parcel Locker feature is at the moment available only for the Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Romania, while Parcel Store/Shop feature is available for Germany as well. For other countries, an API integration is needed. Reach out to us in regards to adding your country on the list as well.

You have to create free Google maps API key for your domain at: That is enough for more than 20 000 map loads per month, free of charge. On how and where to enter it, follow our Official guide.

Yes! To enable it, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments. Afterwards, at the checkout of your store, an additional option for customers will appear, which stands for cash on delivery. Therefore, if the cash on delivery option is selected in WooCommerce, the amount should be automatically filled in on the label. When customers choose the said option, the amount is forwarded to courier to charge the customer. The further process of transferring the amount to you as a company goes as if you were doing it by courier without our mediation, it is between them and you to agree on the details.

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