As our plugin’s dashboard may present you with some terminology that might make you wonder what something stand for, we made a quick guide through every abbreviation that you might stumble upon using our solution:



Represents the Parcel Locker & Parcel Store feature, where you give your users an option to order their packages to the mentioned Locker or Store in the checkout.


Represents the recipients receiving a notification by email feature and/or being able to make a transfer to wished Parcel Store & Locker via a link there.


Represents the recipients receiving a notification by SMS feature. Goes only in combination with the FDS service.


Represents the Package insurance feature that refers to a scenario where the user can enter the insurance amount. To access this service, a previous contract with your GLS Representatives must possess.


Represents the Exchange Service feature that refers to the scenario where the user sends a package to the recipient, and the recipient sends another package to the sender.


Represents the Document Return Service feature that refers to a document that the buyer must certify and return to the sender.


Represents the SMS Service feature that refers to an SMS notification of which the sender can dictate his message of a maximum of 160 characters (including spaces).


Represents the SMS Pre-advice feature that refers to a prior notice; automatic SMS on the morning of delivery. The three-hour delivery time interval, courier phone number, package number, and cash on delivery amount.


Represents the Contact Service feature that refers to a call to the recipient 1 hour before the scheduled delivery.


Represents the Express Service feature that refers to a package delivery the next working day from the day the package is picked up, no later than 12 o’clock.


Represents the Pick&Ship/Pick&Return feature that refers to a collection and transportation and collection and return options. Convenient service if the recipient is unsatisfied with the product and needs to return it to the sender.

NOTE: Not every supported country has all the abbreviations as an option. We are constantly upgrading our product, so they will most certainly be there over time.

Also, some of the mentioned ones are only available if you have contracted with the courier that enables you their usage. If your country offers some specific service, you do not recognize from the list; please contact us with that inquiry.